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==Devices with support for PGRMW==
==Devices with support for PGRMW==
* [[TinyTrak4]]
* [[Tracker_2|Tracker2]]
* [[Tracker_2|Tracker2]]
* [[HandHeldGPS|Hand Held GPS]]
* [[HandHeldGPS|Hand Held GPS]]
[http://www8.garmin.com/support/commProtocol.html Garmin Device Interface SDK ]
* [http://www8.garmin.com/support/commProtocol.html Garmin Device Interface SDK]

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[edit] Additional Waypoint Information (PGRMW)

The $PGRMW sentence provides the ability to update a waypoint's symbol, altitude and comment.


<1> Waypoint identifier
<2> Altitude in meters
<3> Symbol number in Hexadecimal up to FFFF. Uses the enumerated values as defined for symbol_type.
<4> Comment string

The following notes apply to the PGRMW input sentence:

  1. The waypoint identifier must exactly match an existing waypoint on the unit. If the unit cannot find a waypoint that matches the given identifier, the rest of the sentence will be ignored.
  2. See Garmin Device Interface Specification for the enumerated values of symbol_type.
  3. If the comment string contains more characters than the unit supports, the unit will ignore any characters beyond the size allotted for comments.
  4. No all units support this sentence.

[edit] Devices with support for PGRMW

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