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[http://www8.garmin.com/support/commProtocol.html Garmin Device Interface SDK ]
* [http://www8.garmin.com/support/commProtocol.html Garmin Device Interface SDK]

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Additional Waypoint Information (PGRMW)

The $PGRMW sentence provides the ability to update a waypoint's symbol, altitude and comment.


<1> Waypoint identifier
<2> Altitude in meters
<3> Symbol number in Hexadecimal up to FFFF. Uses the enumerated values as defined for symbol_type.
<4> Comment string

The following notes apply to the PGRMW input sentence:

  1. The waypoint identifier must exactly match an existing waypoint on the unit. If the unit cannot find a waypoint that matches the given identifier, the rest of the sentence will be ignored.
  2. See Garmin Device Interface Specification for the enumerated values of symbol_type.
  3. If the comment string contains more characters than the unit supports, the unit will ignore any characters beyond the size allotted for comments.
  4. No all units support this sentence.

Devices with support for PGRMW


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