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The KML services available in Google Earth allow you to feed icons, lines, polygons and other information into Google Earth.

The http://aprskml.dev.java.net/ software is an application that you run locally. It connects to the APRS-IS feeds when configured to do so and can then provide the information it receives as KML data which Google Earth can consume.

It is possible to then create an APRS read-only view of data on Google Earth. By using the **Add->Network Link** menu item you can configure any HTTP accessible data to be downloaded and displayed.

Another way to incorporate APRS with Google Earth is to interface with APRS servers for positions.

Andrew VK4TEC has created a few scripts to help:-

  1. Run google earth
  2. Add a new network link
  3. Add a description and this as the URL

Substitute "callsign" with your target callsign

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