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APRSISCE - APRS-IS client for Windows Mobile (CE) and now Win32 (normal Windows including 7) from KJ4ERJ.

APRSISCE on Windows Mobile requires a device with an internal GPS and an unlimited data connection. It displays OpenStreetMap.org maps in realtime as you move and zoom.

APRSIS32 works on Windows machines (including 7 as a non-administrator) and is otherwise a near-duplicate of APRSISCE so you can have one program on both your home and mobile platforms.

Current program features

  • APRS-IS Client (handles full feed on Win32)
  • IGate Capability - Bi-Directional!
  • Digipeater Capability - VERY configurable
  • APRS Messaging - Including EMAIL(-2) support
  • WHO-IS callsign lookup support
  • OpenStreetMap.org background maps (pan and zoom with local cache)
  • Preload Maps option for off-line use
  • Track display for all moving stations
  • Center on (Follow) any single station
  • GeoNames.org street address lookup
  • GeoCaching.com LOC/GPX loading/display
  • English vs Metric display units
  • KISS TNC support
  • NMEA and Windows Mobile GPSapi GPS support
  • AGWPE (and Pro) Receive-only support
  • Soon-to-be-released Kenwood D710 support (Packet and APRS modes)

ToDo List

  • AGW Transmit support
  • Parse, store, and display Weather data
  • Parse, store, and display Telemetry data
  • Bearing/Range display for tracking stations (or GeoCaches)
  • Lots of other smaller things...


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