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APRStt(tm) allows users to transmit to the APRS network with very basic equipment -- any radio that has 15-digit (minimum) DTMF memory.

Specification: APRStt(tm) TouchTone Project



Here is an example of how it could be used.

Suppose the organizers of a canoe race wanted to keep track of the locations of the participants but didn’t have a budget to put a GPS APRS tracker on each canoe.

Instead they have observers at various points along the way.

If the observer at checkpoint 3 wanted to report that canoe 12 was passing by, she would turn on her transmitter and send the tones 3 1 2 #.

The APRStt gateway would interpret the first digit as a location.

The other two digits would be an object number. This object might be a race participant, staff member, or piece of equipment.

The gateway would confirm receipt of the report by responding with synthesized speech.

It would also send an APRS Object Report, typically on a different radio channel.