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APRS Applications

(For specific computer programs, see Software)

ARHAB High-Altitude Ballooning

DirectionFinding Direction Finding

SAR Search and Rescue

InternetEmail Send Internet E-mail

Messaging Short Text Messaging


Tracker Tracking

VoiceAlert Voice Alert

Weather Weather Reporting

AprsStation APRS stations can implement one or more StationRole station roles.

For example, a station can be a transmit-only Tracker tracker, it can be a tracker and a weather weather station, it can be a combined IGate I-Gate, Weather weather station and Digipeater digipeater. There are all sorts of combinations. There are even some special purpose stations that act as email gateways, callsign lookup servers, the posibilities are very wide ranging.

In support of the station roles that are desired, the station will need some capabilities. These might include

- radio receive - radio transmit - location information either entered by hand or obtained from a GPS - connection to the internet - connection to multiple radio bands/modes/frequencies/services (Amateur HF Packet for example) - weather data either entered by hand or obtained from weather sensors - a user interface - a map display - a computer for file storage or database - other (?)

After an APRS operator determines what application (use) he is interested in, then he needs to examine the roles needed and build one or more stations with the capabilities required.

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