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AprsTracker is a firmware for sending APRS beacons using trackers based on a PIC processor such as the well known TinyTrak.

AprsTracker is the firmware used by the KF161-Tracker and KF163-Tracker

Version 0.7 supported both the PIC16F84 as the PIC16F6x8. Versions 0.8 and 0.9 only work with the PIC16F628 or PIC16F648. Version 0.10 supports the PIC16F628, PIC16F648 and PIC16F636. One of the new features in v0.10 is Proportional Pathing.

AprsTracker was originally created by PE1RXQ, and is currently maintained by PE1RXQ and PE1ICQ.

AprsTracker is open source software, distributed under the GNU GPL.

More information can be found at the AprsTracker web page