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Configuring the Digipeater Settings[edit]


The relevant serial commands are:

ALIAS <n> <callsign> Sets digipeater alias for slot <n>, where n is between 1 and 8. This will typically be a generic alias like ʹWIDEʹ. No SSID is allowed in this field. Thus, it will handle WIDE1 or WIDE2.

DIGI on|off When enabled, the tracker will digipeat packets having its own callsign (MYCALL) in the next digipeater address field.

DIGIID <n> on|off Enables callsign substitution for digipeater alias <n> (1 to 8). This should normally be enabled.

DUPETIME <0‐255> (seconds) Sets digipeating duplicate suppression period.

HOPLIMIT <n> <hops> For digipeater alias <n> (1‐8), sets the maximum number of digipeater hops allowed. This can be used to limit excessively long paths that may cause network degradation. Thus if alias 1 is WIDE then HOPLIMIT 1 2 will allow it to respond to WIDE2-2, WIDE2-1, and WIDE1-1.

PREEMPT <n> on|off Enables digipeater preemption for alias <n> (1‐8). If preemption is enabled, packets will be digipeated on this alias even if it isnʹt the next address in the packet’s digipeater list.

USEALIAS <n> on|off Enables digipeating for alias n.