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APRS FireNet is an Internet-based system using the APRS protocol and much of the same client/server software to provide fire fighting, earthquake, and weather information in much higher volume and detail than the traditional APRS-IS system is capable of carrying. It carries the full APRS-IS feed PLUS the additional types of objects listed below. The tie-in between FireNet and APRS-IS allows station positions and messages to transfer between the systems, but the special FireNet objects do not get sent to APRS-IS.

To use it[edit]

Connect your APRS client to or port 14580, a filtered port. Set a filter on your client in the same manner as for APRS-IS servers. Either address will connect you to one of three Firenet servers.


Objects injected into Firenet (there may be others)[edit]

  • Fire objects, including acres and percentage contained
  • Quake objects, down to magnitude 0.1
  • River gages
  • METAR weather stations
  • CMAN weather stations (ships)
  • Ocean Buoy weather stations
  • Colorado ALERT weather stations
  • Colorado ALERT Gages
  • Schoolnet weather stations
  • RAWS weather stations
  • MesoWest firenet objects
  • Mesonet West Texas
  • National Threat Alert Level
  • Steam Train objects, UP844 or UP3985, intermittent usage
  • AMBER alerts
  • Winlink nodes
  • AIS (ships and boats, coast stations, navaids and other maritime related) objects


Quake objects on Firenet attempt to follow the format originally created by Richard Parry, W9IF, for QuakeAPRS. Thanks go to Richard for pioneering this concept and for generating quake objects on APRS-IS for many years.

Steam train objects are very intermittent as the steam excursions don't happen often. If you're interested in any particular excursion send a note to WE7U beforehand to assure the objects will be available on FireNet when you need them.