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Objects injected into Firenet (there are probably others I'm forgetting):

  • Fire objects including acres and percentage contained
  • Quake objects down to magnitude 0.1
  • River gauges
  • METAR weather stations
  • CMAN weather stations
  • Ocean Buoy weather stations
  • National Threat Alert Level
  • Colorado ALERT weather stations
  • MesoWest firenet objects
  • Steam Train objects
  • AMBER alerts
  • Schoolnet weather stations
  • RAWS weather stations

The Quake objects on Firenet follow the format originally created by Richard Parry, W9IF, for QuakeAPRS. Thanks go to Richard for pioneering this concept and also for generating these objects on the APRS-IS for a number of years. The Quake objects on Firenet are not generated by Richard however but were developed separately by one of the Firenet members and follow essentially the same format as Richard's objects.

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