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* Clock Kit
* Clock Kit
* Firmware Version 9.1 EPROM
* Firmware Version 9.1 EPROM
* Power Supply
* Power Supply -- AC/DC converter for 12 VDC power compatible with all Kantronics TNC's.
* Cable Kits
* Cable Kits
* 1200 Cable Kit
* 1200 Cable Kit
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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [http://www.kantronics.com/products/kpc3.html kantronics.com/products/kpc3.html]
* [http://www.kantronics.com/products/kpc3.html kantronics.com/products/kpc3.html]
* [http://www.kantronics.com/accessories/accessories20.html kantronics.com/accessories/accessories20.html]

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Kantronics KPC-3+

Kantronics KPC-3+ -- Packet Communicator


Kantronics KPC-3+ is engineered for dependable and versatile digital communications. This unit reflects many years of Kantronics experience and is built with an eye toward emerging applications. The KPC-3+ can fill a variety of roles. In use around the world, Kantronics Packet Communicators set the standard by which others are measured!

As a single-port radio modem/TNC compatible with the characteristics of UHF/VHF transmission bands, the KPC-3+ can be paired with a UHF/VHF radio to serve the following functions and applications:

  • "Keyboard to keyboard" communications
  • Digipeater
  • Personal Mail Box
  • Local area node
  • Remote control devices
  • Remote access of telemetry
  • Network node operation (requires optional K-Net™ firmware)
  • BBS operations and message forwarding
  • GPS position transmitting and tracking (requires external GPS receiver with NMEA-0183 data output)
  • Data storage and retrieval
  • EMWIN Weather Information (additional software required)

You can carry a KPC-3+ into the field with a radio to form a mobile data terminal, or (with the addition of an external GPS receiver) a GPS mobile "tracker". Its flexible power requirements (6 ~ 25 Vdc) allow for maximum versatility. You can achieve many hours of use by installing a 9 volt battery inside the KPC-3+. Battery life can be extended by disabling the LED displays through a simple keyboard command.


  • "NEWUSER" mode provides a quick start for packet newcomers
  • Large capacity internal mailbox and mail forwarding feature
  • GPS operation mode allows use with APRS® or other geolocation software
  • Remote Control and telemetry functions with two A/D inputs and two control line outputs
  • Low power requirements (9 volt battery power capability)
  • Network node functions with standard "KA" Node or optional K-Net™ firmware
  • Optional K-Net node network firmware retains regular TNC functions
  • BBS, KISS, XKISS, HOST, TERMINAL, GPS and MODEM operating modes
  • "Online" HELP feature
  • Upgradeable as new firmware is released
  • Digital control of audio drive level -- set from keyboard or by remote control
  • Motorola® HC11 central processor
  • 128k memory standard; 512k optional
  • Comes with data connector, data wire, coaxial power plug, detailed manual & software
  • Usable with base, mobile or hand-held radios



  • Clock Kit
  • Firmware Version 9.1 EPROM
  • Power Supply -- AC/DC converter for 12 VDC power compatible with all Kantronics TNC's.
  • Cable Kits
  • 1200 Cable Kit
  • RS-232 Cable (not a kit)


  • PacTerm 2.0 - PacTerm 2.0 (floppy) for DOS.