Kenwood TM-D700

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The Kenwood D700A radio (and now the D710A) includes a built in TNC, which is APRS-capable. This radio can be a APRS client (by adding a GPS) or can even function as a digipeater. It will do Widen-N but that function must be enabled via the serial port. This should not be a big issue, as mobile digis are not very desirable. This radio is great for emergency management, as it can be used as a mobile radio with 50 watts (35 watts on UHF), a crossband repeater, a digipeater, an APRS client and a scanner. The large display often eliminates the need for a separate computer for APRS, although it is tough to enter messages using the front panel or the microphone. John Hansen does make an add-on to enable use of a PS/2 keyboard connected directly into the mic jack.

Recent traffic on the APRSSIG mailing list has produced this recommended setup for D-700 users (in the US):

1) Using a PC, Permanently set UITRACE to TEMP to support TEMPn-N 2) Using a PC, set DIGI ON (if it defaults to off, I forget) 3) USING APRS MENU, set UIDIGI to WIDE1-1 4) USING APRS MENU, set DIGI OFF 5) Save these APRS settings in a PM.

This way you are always a TEMPn-N digi, but are only a WIDE1-1 digi when you specifically activate it.

Also, D700 users may want to check out the Voice Alert page. for information about setting up your radio to inform you of other APRS stations nearby with live operators in attendance.