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MFJ-1270 -- TNC-2 Packet Controller

Models Line

  • MFJ-1270
  • MFJ-1270B
  • MFJ-1270C -- TNC2 HF/VHF Packet
  • MFJ-1270CT -- TNC2 HF/VHF Packet Turbo
  • MFJ-1270CTX -- TNC2 HF/VHF Packet Turbo w/ 240 VAC
  • MFJ-1270CX -- TNC2 HF/VHF Packet w/ 240 VAC
  • MFJ-1270D -- Link
  • MFJ-1270X -- Link





The MFJ-1270D has a world-wide reputation as the most reliable TNC in the world. Thousands are used as digipeaters, nodes, BBS and used in all kinds of commercial applications working 24 hours -- many work for years without a single failure.

  • Fully TAPR TNC-2 Compatible. You get full TAPR TNC-2 compatibility -- all software and hardware designed for the TAPR TNC-2 standard works without modification. You get X1J, NETROM, theNET and Rose Switch compatibility that turns your MFJ-1270D into a Layer Three and Four networking node.
  • VHF and HF Operation. You get high performance VHF and HF modems as standard equipment -- for double the fun. You get a true DCD circuit that dramatically reduces sensitivity to noise and dramatically increases completed QSOs.
  • Enhanced Personal Mailbox. The enhanced EasyMAILTM personal mailbox lets you use a dedicated call-sign for your mailbox. Your mailbox can stay on while you operate packet. It will also auto forward or reverse forward mail to and from other BBSs. A check mail LED blinks when you have mail. More features: remote sysop access, sysop paging, mailbox C-text, chat mode and many other features not available in other TNCs. 128K mailbox memory is expandable to 512K.
  • UIDIGI Compatability. You get full plug-in compatability. Turn your MFJ-1270D into a fantastic Digipeater with remote weather capabilities by adding your programmed Eprom in place of the MFJ Eprom. No board modifications required.
  • KISS Interface and MFJ Host Mode. You get a KISS interface that lets you run TCP/IP and MYSYS and MFJ’s Host Mode -- easy write efficient application programs.
  • MFJ Anti-CollisionTM Technology. You get MFJ’s Anti-CollisionTM Technology that prevents packet collisions and improves performance on busy channels. You also get 32K RAM, IC sockets for easy service, 256K ROM, speaker jack, lithium battery backup, RS-232, radio cable (you have to add a connector for your radio), Fast-StartTM Manual plus much more. Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with optional MFJ-1312D, $15.95. 6 1/8W x 2H x 5D inches.
  • Lower power consumption. Improved CMOS technology has allowed the power consumption to be reduced to 1/3 of the MFJ-1270C, less than 100 mA on stanby. Great for remote/mobile operation. The MFJ-1270D case is much smaller (saves over 5”) than the original MFJ-1270Cs (7 1/2W x 1 3/4H x 9 1/2 D). Less room is taken in the shack!
  • EmComm Ops/Host Mode Software. It’s easier for emergency radio operators to maintain a state of readiness with EmComm Ops for MFJ TNCs (formerly Multicomm Host for Packet). Add EmComm Ops to your desktop or laptop and control Packet Radio in TNC modes from your shack or vehicle. Tune hard-to-hear Packet signals, log contacts automatically and more!
  • Price: $199.95.