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OpenTracker+ (OT+ or OT1+) - APRS Tracker from Argent Data Systems.

The OpenTracker+ is an APRS tracker that can also receive data from other stations and has waypoint output capability. Use the OT1+ to report position, course and speed, time, and altitude when connected to a GPS -- not just from a vehicle, but anything, including a bicycle, weather balloon, or backpack. Or, use the OT1+ to encode and transmit data from a supported weather station. The tracker will also report telemetry from its onboard temperature and voltage sensors, and an external counter input can report a cumulative total of counter events or the number of events since last transmission. The OpenTracker+ replaces the OT1x and OT1m series. The OT1+ added waypoint output capability, increased program space and RAM, and a simplified hardware design. Available as a kit or fully assembled.


  • Kit - 30$
  • Assembled - 40$

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