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Tracker2 and T2-135 Configuration Manual

otwincfg.exe is the software used to configure the Tracker2 Model OT2m standalone APRS digi and the T2-135 plug in card for the Alinco DR-135 to give it roughly the same capabilities as the OT2m. In addition, the otwincfg.exe program can be used to program the OpenTracer+(OT1+). Obtain the otwincfg.exe from Argent Data Systems [[1]] at Home/Support/Tracker2 here [[2]]

Organization of the manual

The manual is going to be organized by screens, so you can pick a screen and look at how to configure it. The main screen takes you to the other screens.


Main Screen
Tuning/Diagnostics Profile Switching Access List Digi Config Smart Beaconing
Script Editor
Code List Patch List