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PocketPacket - APRS Client for iPhone, iPad on iOS or Mac Computer on Mac OS X from SW1OAN.


PocketPacket incorporates a software-based TNC, allowing you to directly capture and visualize, or encode and transmit 1200 baud packets (AFSK modulation) using a VHF radio transceiver. With PocketPacket you can also get and send packets over the Internet, by selecting one of the available Tier 2 servers of the global APRS-IS network.

Incoming data is presented on a map, as most packets define some object, with a specific symbol and location. By selecting a symbol, you can view the latest information sent for the corresponding object, as well as the raw packets that produced it. All available objects are also shown in a list, which allows you to search for the ones you are looking for. Messages and bulletins are shown in a separate set of screens, structured like an e-mail client.

With PocketPacket you can follow the status of the APRS network or submit your station's info from anywhere. Monitor moving objects, get real time weather reports directly from local stations and more. Now, with an iPhone/iPod Touch and PocketPacket, you can have a full-fledged picture of packet activity in a small, portable package - ideal for field work or the ham shack.

History versions[edit]


  • 2011.04.08 - 1.4.1

Mac OS X[edit]

  • 2011.05.16 - 1.4.0 (38)
  • 2011.11.11 - 1.4.2 (68)