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== Pacific North West Area ==
== Pacific North West Area ==
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[[image:Shuttle sts114 big.jpg|right|thumb|200px| This is a thumbnail, click it for the full size version]]
[[image:Shuttle sts114 big.jpg|right|thumb|200px| This is a thumbnail, click it for the full size version]]
== Section 2 ==
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== Section 3 ==
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== Section 4 ==
== Section 4 ==

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[edit] Pacific North West Area

[edit] Summary Information

  • Operating Frequency: 144.390 MHz and 440.800 MHz
  • SSID Protocol: Most users follow the "new protocol"; refer to Symbols and SSIDs page.
  • Local Coordination: Informal, mostly via [1]

[edit] Overview

The Pacific North West Area is home to many radio amateurs and has an active APRS network. The area includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia.

[edit] Challenges

Due to the large number of APRS users, the 144.390 APRS frequency is almost constantly in use and efforts are always being made to reduce excessive or redundant packets. Use of "old paradigm" {paths|digipaths] (RELAY and WIDE and TRACE and TRACEn-N) is strongly discouraged and most if not all Pacific North West Area digipeaters will no longer respond to these paths. Many users have moved to 9600 APRS on 440.800

[edit] Recommended path settings for UHF APRS 1200 stations

WIDE2-2 for fixed stations, WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 or WIDE2-2 for mobiles, or WIDE2-1 if it flies.

[edit] Recommended path settings for UHF APRS 9600 stations

96UHF2-2 for fixed stations, 96UHF1-1,96UHF2-1 or 96UHF2-2 for mobiles, or 96UHF2-1 if it flies.

[edit] Section 1

Examples of boxes and images.


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[edit] Section 4

Notice how this box 'crosses' section dividers.

The code for it is in Section A for 3

[edit] Section 5

[edit] Section 6

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[edit] Photo Details

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[edit] Offsite Help

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[edit] Getting started

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