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[edit] Satellites with APRS Capabilities

[edit] PCSAT

  • AKA NO-44
  • Uplink & Downlink Frequency: 145.827 MHz
  • Works like regular digipeater, but must be addressed in the path - W3DAO-1
  • PCsat

[edit] PCSAT2

[edit] GO-32

  • Downlink Frequency: 435.225 MHz
  • Uplink Frequency: 145.850 MHz uplink for fixed APRS stations and APRS messages
  • Uplink Frequency: 145.930 MHz uplink for APRS Mic-E positions and status (TH-D7, TM-D700 and TM-D710)
  • Path via 4XTECH
  • 9600 baud
  • GO-32 APRS Operation

[edit] AO-51

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