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==== Linux and Unix ====
==== Linux and Unix ====
* [ Marble] the KDE Desktop Globe
* [ Marble] the KDE Desktop Globe
* [ NOSAprs]
* [[XASTIR]]
* [[XASTIR]]
* [ X-APRS] - Discontinued
* [ X-APRS] - Discontinued

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APRS Client Applications

Desktop System

Apple Mac OS X


Linux and Unix


Mobile System

Apple iOS


BlackBerry OS


Palm OS

Windows CE/Mobile

APRS Server Applications (digipeating, igate, etc)

  • Aprsd Internet Server
  • Aprsg - software for Unix-like operating systems and Microsoft Windows
  • aprsdigi Digipeater
  • DigiNED Digipeater for DOS and Linux
  • aprx A lightweight igate and digipeater for Linux and Unix
  • Gpsd A daemon for serving up GPS data, allows multiple apps to use one GPS
  • javAPRSSrvr Internet Server written in Java
  • Meteo Weather station Daemon
  • One Wire Weather Weather Station Daemon
  • Open2300 Weather Station Daemon
  • SLUG Firmware for Linksys NSLU2 Hardware
  • wx200d Weather Station Daemon
  • APRS KML server for use with Google Earth for Mapping
  • APRS-4R server for use with openWRT on embedded devices. Includes Digipeater, i-Gate and mapping (with google Earth) functionality.

APRS related X.25 Software


Summary of APRS Client Features

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