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This page is to give a list of station roles, tasks or jobs that an APRS station can participate in.

- Tracker A tracker is usually a transmit-only radio device used in conjunction with a GPS. It transmits location information.

- I-Gate An I-Gate is a special kind of digipeater which acts as a gateway to/from the Internet and APRS-IS.

- Digipeater A digipeater will accept packets and retransmit them.

- Gateway A gateway is used to bridge two systems, it accepts packets on one system and retransmits them on the other.

- Weather Station is a telemetry-type system. Weather data is collected from sensors and transmitted.

- Map Display will show station information overlayed on a map.

- APRS Client is a station which has a user interface for messaging, map display, and other capabilities of interest to a human being.

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