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Specifying Symbols[edit]

If you are sending a packet that can't include the normal icon code embedded in the lat/lon position (/$), you can add one of these special beacon-style ToCalls to the address string of your packet.

Both nn and xy are placeholders to the APRS Symbol Table, while z is a placeholder for an optional symbol overlay.

  • GPSxyz
  • GPSCnn
  • GPSEnn
  • SPCxyz
  • SYMxyz

Identifying APRS Software Version[edit]

If you want to include the name and version of the software being used, you can add one of these ToCalls to the destination address, replacing the xx or xxx with the software version number.

This table is from the APRS 1.01 specification and Bob Bruninga's official "1.1 Addendum" TOCALLS.TXT file:

APAGWx SV2AGW's AGWtracker
APCxxx APRS/CE, Windows CE
APDPRS D-Star originated posits
APDWxx Dire Wolf
APDxxx Linux aprsd server
APExxx PIC-Encoder
APIxxx Icom DSTAR (xxx=1st 3 of model #)
APICxx ICQ messaging
APK0xx Kenwood TH-D7s
APK1xx Kenwood TM-D700/D710s
APN3xx Kantronics KPC-3 (APN383 & above 3+)
APN9xx Kantronics KPC-9612
APNDxx Digi_Ned
APNTxx SV2AGW's TNT tnc as a digi
APOxxx APRSPoint
APOT01 Open Track
APOT03 Open Track + (OT+)
APOT21 Open Tracker 2 (OT2)
APOD1w Open Track with 1 wire WX
APOU2k Open Track for Ultimeter
APPxxx pocketAPRS
APRxxx APRSdos
APRS older versions of APRSdos
APRSM older versions of MacAPRS
APRSW older versions of WinAPRS
APTIGR TigerTrack
APTTxx Tiny Track
APT2xx Tiny Track II
APT3xx Tiny Track III
APTT4 Tiny Track IV
APTAxx K4ATM's Tiny Track
APTW01 APTWxx Byonics WXTrac
APU1xx UIview-16
APU2xx UIview-32
APU3xx UIview Terminal Program
APXxxx Xastir version x.x.x (historically also X-APRS)
APYxxx Yaesu radios (future)
APY008 Yeasu VX-8
APY350 Yeasu FTM-350
APZxxx Experimental

Other strings which have been heard on the air, but that are not documented in the APRS Spec version 1.01, include:


These calls are instead documented in Bob Bruninga's updated [tocalls.txt file].

Generic Beacon-Style ToCalls[edit]

  • AIR* †
  • ALL* To All stations.
  • AP*
  • CQ* Calling CQ
  • GPS Specifically intended for use by trackers sending lat/long positions via digipeaters which have the capability of converting positions to compressed data format.
  • GPS* For specifying a symbol when unable to do so in the position report (e.g. NMEA strings)
  • DF* Direction Finding Report.
  • DGPS* Used by differential GPS correction stations. Most software will not make use of packets using this address, other than to pass them on to an attached GPS unit.
  • DRILL* Training Drill or Exercise
  • DX* DX Spot
  • ID*
  • JAVA*
  • MAIL*
  • MICE* Mic-E Report
  • QST* News Announcement
  • QTH*
  • RTCM* Used by differential GPS correction stations. Most software will not make use of packets using this address, other than to pass them on to an attached GPS unit.
  • SKY* Used for SkyWarn stations.
  • SPACE*
  • SPC* For specifying a Special Event Station symbol
  • SYM* For specifying a symbol, but reserved for future use
  • TEL* Telemetry station.
  • TEST*
  • TLM* Telemetry station.
  • WX*
  • ZIP* †

The asterisk is a wildcard, allowing the address to be extended (up to a total of 6 alphanumeric characters). † The AIR* and ZIP* addresses are deprecated.

These addresses are copied by everyone. All APRS software must accept packets with these destination addresses. The address GPS (i.e. the 3-letter address GPS,