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Elcom Research USB micro TNC PLUS[edit]

This Greece-based company offers a small, full function TNC, just recently intoduced the USB micro TNC PLUS.

Packet Radio USB micro TNC Plus New improved edition of the well know USB micro TNC.

Has all the features of the USB micro TNC PLUS AX.25 Connected mode. Now you can send connect command to connect to another station (BBS, DX Cluster, Friend) and have normal AX25 conversation in connected mode. You can read your messages and send/Receive DX spots or chat with a friend.

This is the first TNC that takes advantage of the new technologies and complies with the new WIDEn-N specifications . Small enough to carry it in your shirt pocket and powerful to fit your needs. Features a 'Live Update' feature. You can flash the new firmware over internet, instantly.

Use it for everyday packet, for APRS, as a Tracker with a GPS or as APRS DIGI. Extremely flexible can be used with existing programs, real plug 'n play. Multiple power options (USB, External or Internal battery pack).

You can have unlimited number of TNCs onnected to your computer for multiport stations. Size only 21 x 60 x 43 mm or 0.8x2.3x1.7 inch.

The Micro UTNT Plus can be powered by 12 VDC eliminating the need for USB. You must use USB to program the unit however.

See more product description and specifications: