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Jim Vanderveen, N3JIM
Sacramento, California, USA
Grid: CM98ho

I'm a relatively new ham. I first got on the air in September 2009, although I've had my license since February.

My equipment currently consists of a Yaesu VX-3R handheld w/ mag-mount antenna. I'm trying to figure out how to do APRStt with it, since the rig has 10 DTMF memories.

Sporting a mag-mount antenna as of mid-October 2009, which helps a lot! Although I still can't run my rig indoors (even from the attic). Just gotta get going on a TV twinlead Slim-JIM...

Looking forward to:

  • Getting a TinyTrak3+ (w/ GPS and cable).
  • Building a Slim-JIM antenna so I can run my rig indoors. (I live in a stucco house, AKA Farraday cage, so I have to go outside well away from the house in order to get on the air.)
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