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The software used to run this site is called 'MediaWiki'. The best source for information on how to add, edit or modify pages, how to format what you build here - formulas, outlines, etc, etc, etc is to read the help guide at the MediaWiki web site.

  • The Frequently Asked Questions - Wiki FAQ - If it's been asked, it's been answered, here.
  • Basic Markup (Filling the page) - This page shows basic layout, formtting and markup on this Wiki. And Here is the help page on Editing - more of the same and then some.
  • Image Markup - how to add pictures, format them, resize them and get them where you'd like on the page: Image Markup
  • Lists - This page will show you how to make lists and outlines. If you look close, it'll even show you how to use bold text.
  • Tables - This page demonstrates some simple, and other rather complex tables.
  • The Sandbox - Use the sandbox to play, test and learn how to do what you want